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SEVA 's vision is the creation of a new social order in which the present unorganized and marginalized people have a say in decision making, where education creates awareness and develops skills and fosters the growth of talents, where culture is ever creative, where men and women are totally liberated from all dehumanizing and oppressive forces, and where the decisions of individuals and communities are based on the values of social justice, equality, truth, freedom and the dignity of human life.


We are In a Mission to Help the Helpless Our Goal

SEVA'S mission to facilitate people to support life so that life may support people. The figures of the men and women, represent the people's organizations—the men, women, boys and girls—who come together to participate in the process of promoting life. Our role is to provide support and advocacy to the people's organizations so they can maintain sustainable and value-based development.

Shankar Konar

Founder –Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure to be in “SEVA GROUP “since its inception. The small petals of its tiny bud is now getting a way to blossom and to spread it’s holistic fragrance of social development. The realization, the commitment and upliftment of our communities has become the ethics of our organization. Today, we realized the need and importance of working in tandem with communities’ EVA has proven that the lives, capacity and capability of the people we empowered can develop the society and communities we dream of. I extend my heartiest gratitude to people and organization who has been extending their support in our endless journey. Thank you all.

Raghunath Barik


Seva has believed in inclusive Growth,taking along the communities,endeavouring to improve the quality of life .Our policy aims at bringing about a radical transformation in the quality of people living in our area.Our initiation has been to promote social, educational and health development by giving active support to local initiative. I am glad that our small organization has taken a space in the heart of people and I am too thankful to our volunteers and well wishers for their cooperation in our journey .I too believe our small effort will create a landmark in the field of social development.

Binod Kumar Bhawsinka

Secretary-Barbil Municipality, SEVA Group

I am quite lucky that the Organization SEVA has given me an opportunity to serve the community .Our small organization has taken initiative to spread education, improve healthcare, implement livelihood initiatives, build capacity for good governance, and promote and protect the rights of children and women among marginalized communities. SEVA places an emphasis on innovation for meeting the needs to empower and transform the people by themselves…We at the outset of our journey envisages lots of obstacles and discontent face of our volunteers. The continuous tires less effort of our volunteers has made the organization a holy one .Thanks to all our volunteers, well wisher for their help in our way to serve the mankind

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